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Orion audio visual was founded in Beirut in 1997 where it started to provide simultaneous interpretation equipment, conference discussion systems, sound and light system, as well as audio-visual equipment for conferences and other events (shows, festivals, concerts, weddings…etc).

Orion Audio Visual presents displays for sale and rental of all the afore-mentioned items, and is specialized in equipping conference centers, concert halls, theaters , in addition to all related maintenance services.
In the spirit of satisfying the clients’ needs in the best and fastest way possible, our technical team is in search for all new outbreaks in the field so that our equipment as well as our technical competencies are constantly updated and in line with international standards. Relying to our wide experience and reputation in the audio-visual domain, we are glad to provide our services that include:

Professional light systems
Simultaneous interpretation systems
Professional sound systems
Conference discussion and voting systems
Public  address systems
Video conferencing
Control systems
Projectors and projection screens

Our mission is to sell and rent out high quality sound, light, and conference equipments  in addition to video conferencing, projectors, projection screens and control systems and all the accessories of the above fields through our professional and specialized technical team that focuses on providing a fast and high service to our valuable customers. 

Orion Audio visual is working with our suppliers around the world in order to become not just the leader in the Lebanese market but to proceed and expand our expertise in the regional market  with the support of our clients and friends hoping to be at the level of your trust.


Beirut-Lebanon P.o.Box 114/5023 | Tel:+961 1 360891 | Fax: +961 1 370891 | Mobile: +961 3 785743 | Email: info @orionaudiolb.com